Target Pushes Their Creative Envelope

The Lempert Report
February 16, 2015

Target's latest advertising idea

Remember last Halloween when we told you about Targets’ unique approach to promoting sales? They used their Instagram account, “Halloween Hills”, to share Halloween recipes and DIY decorating ideas in a creative way. Well now the retail giant has proven again their ability to think outside the box.

Last week at the Grammys, Target took another innovative approach to advertising by combining their eight 30-second media buys to air a four-minute live Imagine Dragons performance during a commercial break. They teased the performance by pushing the hashtag “more music” which also promoted the release of Target's exclusive deluxe edition of the band's upcoming album. What can we learn from this for selling food?

William White, VP of marketing at Target, was quoted in Ad Age as saying “We had this idea that was very bold and very simple, too…..What do fans want when they're watching the music awards? More music performances!”

Obviously the estimated $8 million that Target spent on this commercial is not something food retailers can do on regular bases or for some, even at all. But their unique and daring approach to advertising is worth learning from. The lesson is simple: what do people want when they are buying food? More food! Bring on the samples, the cooking demonstrations, the wine tastings! Create the ultimate food experience.

When people are engaged - engage them more.  Whether it’s a simple Instagram push on Halloween or a musical performance, Target is constantly thinking of ways to appeal to a wide audience from millennials to boomers.  It’s this kind of creative and innovative advertising that makes customers want to engage with them. And we in the supermarket world need to be watching and learning .