Time for a makeover

The Lempert Report
June 13, 2014

Retailers and brands need to change the mold of how frozen foods are presented.

Let’s start with the glass doors! Doors are a barricade between shoppers and the products, making consumers unable to read packages without reaching in, and if the doors fog up people tend to walk on by. Doors also make it harder for advertising and harder for shoppers to see deals from a distance.   Retailers and brands need to change the mold of how frozen foods are presented. 

The other problem with the frozen food aisle, is brand blocking.  A particular food manufacturer might have a door or several adjacent doors of space for its varieties.  Therefore, shoppers who want to compare a specific item offered by different brands is challenged to locate, identify and read the alternative packages – and remember what the first one said.  This is inefficient, and it acts as a sales hurdle. 

The Lempert Report suggests that retailers and brands try putting all like items together.  It might help shoppers more easily notice brand choices and make comparisons. For example, brands that lower sodium or brands that have improved overall ingredients etc. 

 We believe such small, practical changes would allow consumers to find shopping more convenient, logical and satisfying.   Shoppers would be able to see and compare products more readily, make appropriate healthful choices, and most likely consider frozen foods more frequently when meal planning.