The Lempert Report
February 24, 2022

Sally: So this is a wonderful story about this group of seniors that live in South Carolina in Myrtle beach, South Carolina, and they're called, they call themselves senior adventures in learning and salt. And they do all kinds of, of wonderful things. Since seniors have been kind of locked up during COVID. They have offered virtual ways for them to learn about all different types of activities and travel. And they, they go for, they go for outings, pottery, bowling, but what was so cute to me and so interesting was they recently took a trip where they went to a Thai, Buddhist monastery for a tour. Then they went to Wilmington for a waterfront lunch, and then they went to trader Joe's, which was 70 miles away from their home in Myrtle beach to, to, to shop and to stock up on frozen foods and snacks, because that's what they love to get there. 

Phil: So I guess what it says is, don't retire. You have too much time on your hands. I guess that's what I take away from that.