Vegan Revolution

The Lempert Report
March 09, 2023

There is a new trend that really I'm excited about. You know, veganism is not new, but the fact that black communities are leading the vegan revolution, is really great. What I find is the average life expectancy of a black American six years lower than the overall population, which is driving a lot of the black Americans to a vegan diet. And over the past 10 years, reports show that black Americans were nearly three times more likely to follow a vegan diet. 31%, according to Gallup, of non-white respondents cut back their meat consumption, in 2021, as compared to 19% of white respondents. So the fact is that, historically, black Americans have had a more of a vegan diet to begin with. It's ramping up. And this is kind of cool in my mind. What do you think? 

Sally: I think this is wonderful. Particularly considering all of those things you said, there is a health crisis in the black communities with heart disease that is related to poor diet, and that is also related to accessibility. But it is great to see that black Americans are embracing this type of diet, and it's really great to see that it's coming from a long time from celebrities, early hip-hop culture. We've seen it with celebrities, celebrity athletes like Venus Williams. And so there are a lot of leaders in that community that are using their platform to promote this type of healthy eating. And you don't have to be full vegan to sometimes eat vegan and to eliminate, and not eat as much meat.

Phil: So whatever happened to that Snoop Dogg commercial for Dunkin' Donuts when they were pushing that plant-based, breakfast sandwich? I haven't seen that around for a while. 

Sally: I haven't seen that either. I don't know. But Snoop is always involved in the food world and making an impact for awhile. 

Phil: Yep. Martha Stewart and Snoop are an unlikely pair, but I love what they did.