Walgreens Goes Digital

The Lempert Report
June 06, 2014

Walgreens is answering the call from the digital world by going paperless!

They recently made the change to paperless coupons and digital reciepts and apparently shoppers are loving it.
According to Rich Lesperance, Walgreens senior director of personalization, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and the customers experience has been easier and more convenient.
Walgreens recently launched a coupon hub at walgreens.com/coupons and on its mobile app. Customers can log in and view and select offers which are then automatically applied to their “Balance Rewards” loyalty card.
In addition, Walgreens launched their digital receipts at checkout, customers can opt to get a paper and/or digital receipt. The e-receipt can be delivered in a text message or an email, other retailers such as Target also use this format.  Digital receipts not only list purchased items but also include targeted coupons and relevant offers.
These new efforts by Walgreen are a smart move and in line with how consumers shop. Online coupons are convenient and quick, and most importantly they streamline the checkout process. There’s no shuffling through wallets, everything is automatic and already accounted for. It also makes more sense to have receipts sent via email and stored online. Most customers so digitally savvy now, retailers who can’t accommodate will be left behind.