Was This The Ultimate Super Bowl Play?

The Lempert Report
February 11, 2019

Reynolds Wrap, the undisputed leader in aluminum foil, which by the way celebrates its 100th year anniversary this year, developed a new product for this year’s super bowl – the Reynolds Wrap Hunger Harness.

A $5 “wearable snack pack” that has plenty of pockets to hold your appetizers, main course, snacks, and beverage, all while keeping your food nice and toasty. 

They want us to think of it as a mini kitchen that you can wear like a front-facing backpack.

There is a built-in food tray that rests on your lap and according to Reynolds “turns you into a human table,” and there’s also a pouch for your favorite beverage.

There are two thermal pouches to keep hot food hot one on top to be as close to your mouth as possible and one on the side, that is recommended for warm cheese dips for your nachos.

Needless to say, it was produced in limited supplies, but it sold out so quickly that Reynolds will be producing more. So better preorder. You can purchase it only from their website ReynoldsHungerHarness.com.

Happy 100thAnniversary – and great job in creating buzz without having to buy a super bowl TV ad.