Yes, You Should Freeze Your Nuts

The Lempert Report
September 07, 2016

And would you rather have sex or an excellent dinner? Find out the answer in this weeks Food News!

Nuts can turn rancid in as little as 2-4 weeks if stored in the pantry. Nuts freeze really well ? most of them for a year or more ? and don’t require any prep except putting them in a ziplock type bag, according to Julie Thompson, Taste Senior Editor at HuffPost. 

Here’s a guide: 

Almonds - good for one year in the freezer.

Pine Nuts - Up to six months in the freezer.

Pistachios - Up to one year in the freezer.

Macadamia Nuts - Good from 9-12 months in the freezer.

Cashews - Good for one year in the freezer.

Walnuts - Good for a year in the freezer.

Pecans - Good for up to two years in the freezer.  

Not only can you stock up when nuts are on sale, but you don’t have to defrost them, just use right out of the bag. As with all frozen foods be sure to mark the outside of the bag with the date you freeze, so you can use before they spoil.

Sex or A Good Meal? 

According to a new study of 12,000 mean and women in the US published by the ad agency Havas Worldwide, reports a large portion of young men and women find sex and food to be equally pleasurable,  but surprisingly when asked 

"Given the choice between sex and an excellent dinner at a restaurant, I would choose the dinner," 26 percent of men and 42 percent of women agreed.  

The majority of Millennials tended to agree with this statement -- far more than Baby Boomers – the generation of free love, sex, drugs and rock & roll. 

A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior entitled, Sexual Inactivity During Young Adulthood Is More Common Among U.S. Millennials and iGen: Age, Period, and Cohort Effects on Having No Sexual Partners After Age 18

reports that Millennials just aren't that into sex. "younger millennials—born in the 1990s—are more than twice as likely to be sexually inactive in their early 20s as the previous generation was."  

And you have to wonder why Pokeman Go is so popular?