2012 FOOD TRENDS TO WATCH: The ethnic food revolution

December 07, 2011

This week we bring you the 2012 food trends to watch. Today's trend number six is all about the rise of ethnic foods.

Trend #6: The ethnic food revolution

Food trucks are replacing gourmet and specialty stores as the channel to experiment and discover new food experiences – especially when it comes to ethnic foods. More often than not, these ethnic food trucks are actually manned by descendants of the actual cuisines and cultures being offered; with the ability and knowledge to share the heritage and romance of the food – a benefit many shoppers have come to enjoy and expect from shopping at Farmers’ Markets for produce. They’ve opened access to these foods they feel passionate about, and they have removed intimidation and expense from the experience of consumer trial, paving the way for food companies and retailers to bring to market authentic ethnic cuisines, recipes and ingredients in a more convenient and affordable way. Look for pupusas - which some claim is the most authentic and traditional food from El Salvador - grilled corn masa patties hand shaped and stuffed with cheese and various filings to lead the charge as the winning dish from this year’s Vendy Awards.

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