5 Protein Rich Breakfasts To Satisfy Your Shoppers All Week

August 04, 2017

What should your shoppers be eating for breakfast to stay satisfied throughout the day, and maybe even drop a few pounds?

All around the country kids are starting back to school, and parents will be getting back into the routine of busier schedules and probably earlier wake up times. Now is a great time to help your shoppers choose convenient, protein-rich and healthy breakfast options for the whole family. 

The benefits of breakfast are hard to dispute; study after study show that breakfast really might be the most important meal of the day.

Heither Leidy, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, School of Medicine at the University of Missouri, studied breakfast eaters and found that a protein rich breakfast is key to satiety and even weight loss.

Leidy commented that, “Eating a high-protein breakfast sustains fullness even to the evening hours. Compared to skipping breakfast or no breakfast, a high-protein breakfast led to increased daily satiety and decreased evening food cravings. It even decreases unhealthy high-fat, high-sugar evening snacking foods. So high-protein breakfasts can have effects on poor eating throughout the day.”

Findings also included that fact that the effect on calorie consumption is along the lines of a net reduction of 400 calories a day, which leads to reduced fat mass.

So what should you suggest your shoppers eat for breakfast, or have in your prepared foods department for the breakfast time shoppers? You’ll want to shoot for at least 20 grams of protein. Here are five protein rich options:

  • Plain yogurt or cottage cheese with granola or berries.
  • Eggs or a vegetable omelet with whole grain toast, and a side of sausage
  • Plain yogurt-based fruit and veggie smoothie
  • Melting cheese or some smoked salmon atop a whole grain bagel, English muffin, or toast with eggs.
  • Nut and seed butters with berries, bananas or strawberries mixed in with oatmeal and chia or hemp seeds.

Have leftovers? Use them for breakfast! Who said breakfast had to be sweet? Chicken, steak or fish with some veggies makes for a perfect protein rich breakfast.