Consumers Grade Their Primary Food Stores High: NGA

February 12, 2010

Relationships with stores, like relationships with people, can grow complex over time.

Relationships with stores, like relationships with people, can grow complex over time. This is especially true of primary food stores, which households commit to and endure bumps in the road through the years. It’s the one store they’re in more than any other, and it’s their No. 1 source for what they feed their families – so they vest a lot in this supermarket, and expect much in return. 

The good news, according to findings in the National Grocers Association 2010 Consumer Survey Report, is that two-thirds of consumers (67%) grade their preferred food stores an 8 or above (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being excellent) in satisfying their needs. This is the same level of ‘consumer love’ as a year ago.  While just 11% gave the top score of 10, nobody graded their primary food store at the bottom of the scale.

What’s on consumers’ wish list to make these stores even more appealing?

  • Price/cost savings tops the list of desired improvements, named by 46% of survey respondents.
  • More locally grown foods is the next most sought store upgrade, said 41%.
  • More variety/better assortment/wider choice is third (30%).
  • More fresh made foods and better customer service/employees tie for fourth (22%).

How do consumers rate their preferred supermarkets on more specific measures? The Top 10 primary-store aspects earning the highest ‘excellent’ ratings are:

  • Convenient location – 58% excellent/36% good
  • A clean, neat store – 55% excellent/40% good
  • Selling products before ‘use before/sell by’ date – 46% excellent/45% good
  • High-quality fruits and vegetables – 43% excellent/44% good
  • Courteous, friendly employees – 43% excellent/43% good
  • Private label or store brands – 41% excellent/49% good
  • Items on sale or money-saving specials – 41% excellent/47% good
  • High-quality meats – 40% excellent/47% good
  • Accurate shelf tags – 37% excellent/52% good
  • Personal safety outside the store – 37% excellent/50% good