Getting Ready to Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day?

March 14, 2011

Phil has some colorful tips to make your St Patrick's Day a huge success

We’ve all heard of green beer for the big day … but here are some helpful and fun hints on how you can “go green” from morning till night this St. Patrick’s day. Going green on this day originates from the coming of spring and the lush landscape of Ireland as the new green buds of flowers and blades of grass reach for the sun.

First … head to your local supermarket and buy a package of liquid green food coloring. McCormick actually has a special green one-ounce package. Remember – a little coloring goes a long way so just using one or two drops may be enough for each of the “green recipe ideas” that follow. Lighter foods (like bread, milk, popcorn and pasta) the better the color green – darker foods don’t mix well with green.

Breakfast – add a couple drops of green food color to milk to get those Leprechauns started (both the milk in the glass and in cereal!) If you really want to signal “Ireland Forever” (or for the purists Erin Go Bragh) serve Lucky Charms with green milk! For the adults in the family who remember the ‘Cat in the Hat’, add 2 or 3 drops to Egg Beaters to whip up a green omelet and load up the insides with green peppers, broccoli and scallions.

For a snack, pop Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn, (I find the Orville Natural either Simply Salted or Lime and Salt to work the best), then drizzle 2 or 3 drops over the top to create a green and white sensation!

For dinner it’s all about the pasta! 
After you cook your spaghetti, rigatoni or even ravioli rinse the cooked pasta and then BEFORE you add any oil or other sauce add 3 or 4 drops of food coloring to the pot and mix in with the pasta. For the best visual put the sauce (of course pesto will be the truest to the celebration) on the plate first and lay the green pasta on top. Add some green veggies too.
And if you want to keep it simple, go with the green beer or green soda. 
Place the glasses in your fridge or freezer at least 3 hours prior to pouring. Add 2 drops to the bottom of the glass; pour in clear soda (like club soda, Sprite or 7Up) or a LIGHT colored beer. Do not stir – let the color mix naturally with the beverage.