Interviews Live from Winter Fancy Food Show: Part Two

February 05, 2018

Interviews Live from Winter Fancy Food Show: Part Two

Featuring Shannon Allen (Grown), Bruce Friedrich (The Good Food Institute), and Mike Lee (The Future Market)

The response from our Winter Fancy Food Show live interviews has been incredible! First and foremost, we’d like to say thanks to all of our viewers for your engagement and shares, helping us to pass along these incredible insights on the future of our food. In our part two feature, we’ve chosen more impressive conversations to feature that happened live from the floor. Take a look and feel free to share with your colleagues. 

Shannon Allen, Grown
Shannon Allen is a major disruptor! Founder of Grown, one of the seven fast food restaurants in the country to be certified organic and the first one to have a drive through, she is pushing to change behaviors for the mass market (one of her restaurants is located at a Walmart). Watch her tell an incredible story of how she went from being an actress and a singer to accidentally finding herself in the food business after researching and creating healthy, delicious foods for her NBA star husband and one of her five children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Watch to learn how she has reinvented fast food. 

Bruce Friedrich, The Good Food Institute
The Good Food Institute is on the forefront of the plant-based eating trend. The non-profit group is made up of scientists, entrepreneurs, lawyers and lobbyists working to accelerate the transformation of industrial animal agriculture into more plant-based and clean meat companies and products. The good news Friedrich brings is that these efforts are not only healthier for people and the planet, but also a more efficient way of producing food that makes it easier for this segment to compete. Friedrich is also the author of Clean Protein, a book that explores the myths and science behind protein with the inclusion of plant based meats, clean meat and a “how to” section with recipes. Watch to learn how how The Good Food Institute is creating a roadmap for this trend. 

Mike Lee, The Future Market 
If you want to learn more about where our food system is headed over the next 25 years, there is much to learn from the insights of Mike Lee, founder of The Future Market. This futurist project is helping companies “innovate more ambitiously today.” Here Lee talks about some of the new products they’ve added to their catalogue, hitting on themes such as blockchain for food in this case being able to trace the entire life of a chicken from the package. Also, sustainable grains, a mass produced flour mill so people can grind their own flour, cellular agriculture that addresses taboo foods like shark fins and how these proteins can be created in labs. Lee also talks about exploring ways to make plant the center of the plant for the mainstream in affordable ways.