The Latest Battle Against Unhealthy Eating

September 06, 2011

We all have a responsibility in the fight against obesity. Now a more organized and perhaps more effective program has launched - the FoodCorps.

The latest in the battle against obesity is what some are calling food's foot soldiers, the FoodCorps, a national service program that aims to improve nutrition education for underprivileged children, develop school gardening projects, and improve what's being served in school lunches. At the core of the program are the service members, most of them in their 20s, who spend a year living in limited-resource communities where there is limited access to healthy food or high rates of childhood obesity.
Over 1,230 people applied for 50 service member positions, and many of the service members have firsthand experience with the communities they're serving. This is great because they understand the challenges from the inside. They have gone to work in 10 states at 41 sites, from Maine to Oregon to Mississippi.
The program is nearly a volunteer position. Members will be paid $15,000 for the year on which they need to find a place to live and pay for food. Members without other sources of income are encouraged to apply for SNAP benefits, so they'll live like many of those they are serving. They will also be eligible for over $5,000 worth of scholarship money. FoodCorps, "Envisions a bright future for our service members: young leaders who, having invested a year of public service creating healthy food environments for children, will go on to become farmers, chefs, educators and public health leaders. These visionaries, armed with skills to improve school food, will improve all food.”
FoodCorps expects around 60,000 kids to benefit from improved food education. Gardens will be planted to get kids excited about fruits and vegetables; other food will be sourced from local farms.
How will your store contribute to the fight against obesity this school year?