Steal This Recipe® Bison with Onion Marmalade

November 21, 2013

Bison Strip-Steak with a Spicy Red Onion Marmalade, from Chef Brandt Evans of the Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern, in Twinsburg, Ohio

Bison contains fewer calories and less cholesterol than beef or chicken; it is also extremely lean and high in protein. It's a bit like beef except it has a richer, sweeter flavor. As an added plus, bison is considered more environmentally friendly than beef. The Spicy Red Onion Marmalade adds a nice finish to the bison meat. So, if you have that craving for red meat, but want to watch what you eat, try this recipe!

This tasty recipe was ‘stolen with permission’ from Chef Brandt Evans of the Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern, which offers a unique experience unlike any other - a majestic log cabin, reminiscent of those gracing the national parks out West, sits atop a sandstone buff in the most unlikely of places: Twinsburg, Ohio.

About the chef: Chef Brandt Evans believes in food that's fresh, fun and bursting with flavor. Hearty, impressive, alluring - this unique style of cooking is perfect for the ambiance of the Blue Canyon. "My creative American cooking style is built around a love for traditional American favorite foods and ethnic, funky flavors. By combining them with an artist's touch, I can create dishes that my customers understand and appreciate, while still providing them an experience unlike they've had before".

Former executive chef of the celebrated Kostas restaurant in Tremont and an alum of the Culinary Institute of America, Brandt developed much of his style working as sous chef at Alva's in Manhattan.

"The Blue Canyon is my dream. It provides me with a daily canvas to pull out my paints and really give my customers something special." Brandt said. Aside from his work at Blue Canyon, Brandt also has created Blue Canyon’s very own wine line and a spice line.

Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern 
8960 Wilcox Drive 
SR 82 & I-480 
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087 

Bison Strip-Steak with a Spicy Red Onion Marmalade is served at Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern for $24.95. 
The recipe is for a restaurant serving size of two.

Bison Strip-Steak Ingredients: 
2 each 8-10 oz bison strip steak 
Salt and pepper to taste 
Optional: seasonal vegetables

Spicy Red Onion Marmalade Ingredients: 
5 red onions, medium 
1 1/2 c sugar 
2 Tbsp red curry paste 
1 can of unsweetened coconut milk 
1 Tbsp garlic, minced 
1 Tbsp fresh rosemary, chopped 
Olive oil

Bison Strip-Steak Steal This Recipe® Step-by-Step Instructions: 
Season bison strip steak with salt and black pepper generously on both sides. 
Place on heated grill. 
Cook each side for about 5 minutes to achieve a medium rare to medium or to about an internal temperature of 130. 
Place steak on plate. 
Top steak with the Spicy Red Onion Marmalade (and seasonal vegetables) and serve.

Spicy Red Onion Marmalade Steal This Recipe® Step-by-Step Instructions: 
In a sauce pot add some olive oil.
Add and sauté onions and garlic till translucent. 
Add sugar, coconut milk and curry paste (if you do not like spicy food then do not add curry paste or cut by half).
Whisk until paste is dissolved. 
Reduce until you have a thick glaze consistency. 
Fold in fresh chopped rosemary.