Steal This Recipe® Breaded Barramundi with Roasted Corn & Orzo, Sweet Chili Relish, Roasted Beets & Pumpkin Seeds |Bondi Road

April 19, 2012

From Chef Matthew Wool of Bondi Road, NYC, this delicious fish recipe has three different sides that are very versatile

Chef Matthew Wool of Bondi Road, NYC makes a delicious side dish with roasted pumpkin seeds that might just become a new favorite. In fact we've "stolen" (with Chef Wool’s permission) three different seasonal sides served with the Breaded Barramundi that are very versatile, so mix and match and experiment with different main course pairings.

About the chef: Matthew Wool was born in Chile and was raised in Roslyn, New York. He grew up cooking for his mother and sister and never anticipated becoming a chef; in fact he trained to be a stockbroker until the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

After that, he realized he wanted to pursue his first love, which was cooking. He then went to the French Culinary Institute and from then on, he has worked his way up from cook at Chelsea Brewing Company, to saucier, to line chef, to sous chef.

Some notable moments in his career have been at Osteria del Circo as a saucier, catering to celebrities at Present Tentations Catering, as a line chef at Bette, and sous chef at Tuscan Oven in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Bondi Road
153 Rivington Street
New York, New York 10002
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Breaded Barramundi with Roasted Corn & Orzo, Sweet Chili Relish, Roasted Beets & Pumpkin Seeds is served at Bondi Road for $15 (including one side dish – each additional side dish is $4).

This recipe makes 2 restaurant servings.

*Breaded Barramundi Ingredients:
2 7-8 oz barramundi fillets (if unavailable perch, sea bass, or halibut can be substituted)
4 eggs, medium-sized
10 oz bread crumbs
6 oz plain flour
Salt and pepper to taste

**Roasted Corn & Orzo Ingredients:
6 oz raw orzo
2 ears sweet corn
1/4 bunch basil
1/4 bunch scallion
1/4 red onion, medium
1 red bell pepper

***Honey Dijon Dressing Ingredients:
1 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tsp honey
4 oz olive oil

~Sweet Chili Relish Ingredients:
1/2 red bell pepper
1/2 yellow bell pepper
1 cucumber
1/4 medium size red onion
1/4 bunch of scallion
3 oz sweet chili sauce
1/8 oz cashews

~~Roasted Beets & Pumpkin Seeds Ingredients:
2 bunches of baby beets
2 oz pumpkin seed
1 oz feta cheese
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 oz balsamic vinegar
3 oz olive oil

*Breaded Barramundi Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions:
Make an egg wash by cracking the eggs into a medium-sized container and whisk.
Take out two more medium-sized containers and place flour in one and bread crumbs in the other.
Season barramundi with salt and pepper to taste.
Turn the barramundi in the container with flour, then the container with the egg wash, and lastly the container with bread crumbs until the fillet is covered.
Deep fry until golden brown.

**Roasted Corn & Orzo Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions:
Bring a pot of water to boil and cook orzo (about 4 - 5 minutes), strain and cool.
Cook corn on the grill and then cut strip kernels from the cob.
Finely dice peppers and onions and chop your herbs.
Mix all the ingredients together with ***Honey Dijon Dressing.

***Honey Dijon Dressing Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions:
Place the mustard and honey in a bowl.
Stir in olive oil until emulsified.

~Sweet Chili Relish Steal This Recipe® step-by-step Instructions:
Clean and dice all vegetables, remember to remove pith and seeds from cucumbers and peppers.
Mix vegetables together with sweet chili sauce and allow to sit and infuse for 30 minutes.
When ready to serve, sprinkle cashews over relish.

~~Roasted Beets & Pumpkin Seeds Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions:
Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
Clean and chop off green stems from beets.
Place beets in a baking pan and wrap in tin foil.
Cook in oven for 15 – 20 minutes, test readiness with a small knife.
Cool beets until warm, then peel and cut in half.
Toast pumpkin seeds in pan till brown.
Mix Dijon mustard and vinegar in a bowl.
Stir in olive oil until the dressing is emulsified.
Mix the beets with dressing and pumpkin seeds.
Top with feta and serve.