Steal This Recipe® Osso Buco con Risotto alla Parmigiana

April 24, 2014

From Executive Chef Jose Liriano of Bice, NYC

This classic Italian recipe for Veal Shank with Parmesan Risotto was stolen 'with permission' from Executive Chef Jose Liriano of Bice Restaurant in New York. Bice was founded in 1926 by Beatrice Ruggeri (Bice, for short) who after years of impressing loved ones, opened her namesake restaurant which quickly became a magnet for Italian celebrities and designers.

Now Bice’s classic Italian cookery has won over the world with over 50 locations from Dubai to Singapore to Montecarlo; the potent draw of high quality Northern Italian food remaining timeless and irresistible, nowhere more so than in their American flagship location. 

The classically designed dining room at Bice is the setting for an array of culinary delights. With rare exception, all pastas are made in-house, and like the antipasti that precede them, they’re executed with a sense of simplicity and perfection, and classic Italian favorites abound like Spaghetti alle Vongole Veraci, Ricotta Ravioli, Pappardelle al Telefono. And of course you will want to save room for more delights on the dessert menu – from Tiramisu, to Panna Cotta and Crème Brulee and Chocolate Cake – you won’t want to skip dessert at Bice.

About the chef: Jose Manuel Liriano started his career in the very kitchen that he’s running today. It was in 1996 that Liriano made his Bice debut as a humble line cook with plenty of talent and ambition. As he began to escalate in the field, chefs around him started to see his innate talent and passion for cooking—something that would help him excel through the kitchen’s ranks and reach the post of Executive Chef. 

Throughout the years, Liriano has also taken the Bice name on the road, opening several of their worldwide locations with branches in Brazil, Mexico, California, and Florida. The Latin flair he injected into those locations has become his signature spin on the Bice brand - with his playful use of sweet tropical fruits and seasonal ingredients, Bice’s traditional Italian classics are injected with new life and energy. 

7 E 54 St
New York, NY, 10022

Osso Buco con Risotto alla Parmigiana is served at Bice for $44 (and easily serves 2).

This recipe makes 3 restaurant servings.

Osso Buco Ingredients:
12 fl oz canola oil 
3 pieces veal shank (ask your butcher to cut three 2 inch thick veal shank pieces – they will vary in weight from 1 ½ to 2 lbs)
7 oz all purpose flour 
4 fl oz extra virgin olive oil 
2 oz garlic, diced 
12 oz onion cubed to 1/4" 
12 oz celery cubed to 1/4" 
12 oz carrot cubed to 1/4" 
1/2 oz rosemary 
1/2 oz sage 
1/2 oz thyme 
12 fl oz red wine 
8 oz veal stock base 
1 glass water 
1/2 oz pepper 
1/2 oz salt

Risotto Alla Parmigiana Ingredients:
2 fl oz extra virgin olive oil 
3 oz, onion, diced 
12 oz risotto (Carnaroli) rice
8 oz white wine 
16 fl oz vegetables stock 
1 oz salt 
1/2 oz pepper 
4 oz unsalted butter 
4 oz ground Parmesan cheese

Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions for the Osso Buco:
Season veal shanks with salt and pepper, dredge with flour and in a sauté pan on medium heat, sear on both sides in canola oil until golden brown. 
Remove veal shanks and discard oil. Place Veal shanks in hotel pan.
In a medium sized pot, pour in extra virgin olive oil. 
Sauté garlic until golden brown, repeat with onions, then carrots and then celery, and until golden brown. 
When all golden brown, add the herbs and then deglaze pot with red wine and reduce red wine by one third. 
Dissolve the veal stock into the water and then add the mixture into the pot. Cook for approximately 25 minutes on medium heat.
Add sauce to the veal shanks in the hotel pan. Cover and cook for approximately 2 hours at 350 degrees, or until fork tender.

Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions for the Risotto:
Pour the extra virgin olive oil in a pan with diced onions on low and sweat them (cooking without color). Once softened, add risotto (Carnaroli rice) stirring to coat all grains, until slightly toasted for approximately 5 minutes on medium heat. 
Deglaze with white wine (stirring constantly).
Cook for 3 – 5 minutes or until wine is evaporated. Very Important! You must constantly be stirring the risotto at all times during the cooking process.
Slowly pour small amounts of vegetable stock into the mixture until absorbed and then add additional small amounts and repeat until all of the liquid is absorbed. 
Continue stirring until the rice is cooked to your desired tenderness. 
Remove from the heat and finish with butter, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to taste.

Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions for Plating:
Spoon the risotto onto a large flat dish. 
Place the veal shank onto the center of the rice. 
Spoon the sauce and vegetables over the veal shank and serve.