A Global Water Crisis is Here

The Lempert Report
March 29, 2023

Water use has increased by about 1% a year for the last 40 years. By 2050, the number of people in cities that will face water scarcity is projected to nearly double from 930 million people in 2016 up to 2.4 billion people. So we really need to focus. Here in California there's always been a focus on water right now because we've had so much rain, it's eased up a little bit, but we have a global water crisis, don't we? 

Sally: Yes, it appears that we do based on this UN report. I am surprised, a little bit, that we don't hear about it more. I know you do in California, but here in Tennessee, I feel like the message is not out there about the water crisis. So hopefully, this report will educate us more on how to decrease our water use or how to responsibly use water. I know in this report that agriculture alone is using 70% of the world's water supply, so hopefully there's going to be some advancement, some ways in agriculture that we can conserve water as well. 

Phil: Absolutely.