Another Look at Sugars

The Lempert Report
July 16, 2021

People are using a variety of methods to avoid sugars.

A new report from flavor company FONA International says that of the shoppers who want to limit consumption of specific items from their diet, 58% are shunning carbonated soft drinks while 54% are cutting candy and 51% are cutting baked goods according to Food Dive. The report goes on to say that seventy percent of consumers prioritize taste over a product’s sugar content while 62% of consumers say price is more important than sugar content when purchasing food or drinks. Half of consumers surveyed that are age 24 and older are aiming to reduce their overall sugar intake, which is an 8% increase from 2019. Only 31% of consumers age 18 to 23 are hoping to reduce their sugar intake while 38% of consumers in this segment believe they consume an appropriate amount of sugar. According to FONA International's report, people are using a variety of methods to avoid sugars. 

Roughly two-thirds opt for water instead of caloric beverages, while 37% are eliminating certain foods. Another third are no longer adding table sugar to their food and drinks. Thirty percent rely on the Nutrition Facts Panel to choose foods and beverages with less sugar. Food Dive reports that food manufacturers have responded by launching a variety of low- and no-sugar foods. There has been a 54% increase in products with a sugar reduction claim since 2017, according to the FONA International study. The move is likely a winning tactic to caching sugar-conscious consumers’ attention. About three-quarters of consumers listed no-sugar-added claims as important when shopping for products. Yogurt makers have been some of the quickest to take action. Chobani launched a Greek yogurt line called Chobani Zero Sugar without sugar.

General Mills’ keto-friendly Ratio line of yogurts only contains 3 grams of sugar per cup while Icelandic yogurt maker Siggis emphasizes its yogurts’ low-sugar content. Danone offers a low-fat yogurt with two grams of sugar in its Two Good.