Another Look At What Millennials Want From Their Foods

The Lempert Report
May 07, 2018

We’ve long preached how millennials are the most passionate generation about food – and a new study lends even more credence to that statement.

The Culinary Visions Panel's Mindful Dining Initiative project, asked 1,500 American consumers their feelings on ethically sourced foods, and how those feelings impact the portable and grab-and-go items they purchase. 

The study found that all participants care about responsible food and drink practices, however, consumers under 35 cared the most. Here are some highlights: 60 percent of consumers who are younger than 35 equated organic foods with better taste. 76 percent say ethical efforts make restaurants “trendy.”

About 64 percent of consumers younger than 35 say they don’t have enough “ethical” snacks. And possibly most important is that 67 percent of millennials say they would be willing to pay more for ethically produced food that they can take with them. 

A key finding for all supermarkets’ prepared foods, grab and go and grocerant take out departments.