Boomers for Dieting 

The Lempert Report
January 14, 2014

More than a quarter of all Boomers are on a diet, while only 12 percent of Millennials diet.

A recent report from the NPD Group shows that when it comes to American's dieting habits,Baby Boomers are more likely to diet than Millennials. Specifically, the report notes that more than a quarter of all Boomers are on a diet, while only 12 percent of Millennials diet. 

This trend seems to be part of a long term decline in dieting,  with American's looking for other ways to be healthier. According to NPD, dieting peaked in 1991 when nearly 30 percent of adults reported being on a diet during a typical two-week period. While Americans are dieting less overall, as adults age, they are more likely to be on a diet.

But whether people are dieting or not, Americans are looking for ways to be healthy. The reports shows that seventy-two percent of adults eat reduced fat foods, nearly 45 percent of adults eat foods with whole grains on a regular basis and 24 percent include organic foods and beverages in their diet.

Retailers should take this as an opportunity to promote organic and fresh produce and highlight healthy foods such as whole grains and low fat goods. Especially in the New Year when many consumers have given themselves New Years Resolutions to be healthier, this is an opportune time to make health a priority. Nutritional information could be displayed alongside produce, healthy recipe ideas offered and stations could provide samples of healthy meal and food options. Supermarkets can appeal to and help their customers by ensuring that they become a center for health and wellness.