Cell Based Meat

The Lempert Report
January 27, 2022

Phil: A study just came out, um, about cultured meets and what they did is they looked at 1,587 volunteers. Uh, 35% of them were meat eaters. 55% were vegetarians. And what they found is that they felt too disgusted by culture meat to even take a taste. This, this comes, you know, in the face of everything that's going on in Silicon valley and everything else. I mean, are we gonna have a problem where we've spent these billions of dollars to create cultured meat, whether it's burgers, whether it's chicken, whatever it is, and nobody wants to eat it. 

Sally: It is interesting because you've got two different reactions to it. Very different reactions. The vegetarians think it's too much like meat because it is made from animal muscle cells. So it still is meat. Um, and then the other side, the non it's not meat enough for them. It seems unnatural. Um, so, so you've got, it's gonna be really hard to satisfy both sides here. 

Phil: Yeah. I agree. And you know, much like many other things that we've seen when you go to the opposite extremes, uh, you're really not satisfying anybody, but what was interesting, uh, time magazine had this past weekend, um, that there's, um, I'm going to mispronounce her, her name, but it's a professional taster and master chef judge in Israel, uh, Mikel Anky, um, who did the world's first public taste test pitting lab grown or cultivated chicken up against a conventionally raised product. They had TV cameras there. They actually had attorneys there to make sure that even the chef that prepared the food didn't know which one was the real one, which one was the cultured one. Um, it was sponsored by a tech startup called super meat, um, at its in-house restaurant, which is called the check-in. Um, and guess, guess what happened? 

Sally: They couldn't tell the difference?

Phil: No, she picked the wrong one. uh, she, she picked the cultured meat one saying that that was chicken. She said, um, a, you know, they had an, a B test a is the real chicken. They then told her a was grown on the other side of the window just a few days ago. Her jaw dropped, I was wrong. She marveled in front of the cameras and I am the expert. So I guess when it comes to, um, cell bust, uh, cell based meat, we've got a lot of learnings to do on both sides, um, of it.