Cooking in High Times

The Lempert Report
October 15, 2015

Innovations in the food world sometimes come in the form of ingredients, take for example, Marijuana.

Edible Marijuana is booming and already a million dollar industry in just a few states.  But when it comes to cooking with Marijuana – how does it work? where is the industry going and what’s the benefit?  Here’s Elise McDonough, HIGH TIMES' Edibles Editor, and author of the Official HIGH TIMES Cookbook:

ELISE MCDONOUGH HIGH TIMES' Edibles Editor, and author of the Official HIGH TIMES Cookbook
I think many people are becoming interested in cannabis edibles and cooking with marijuana because of its considerable medical benefits, people are using cannabis foods to replace pharmaceutical medications intended for insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety issues. People are also using cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and I'm really seeing that become a choice in people's lifestyles.

PHIL:But when it comes to the edible marijuana industry how big of an industry are we talking about and what does the future hold?

ELISE: The state of Colorado reported that 4.8 million cannabis infused food products were sold in 2014, with some retail cannabis stores saying that edible cannabis comprises 50 percent of their sales. So with legalization in huge states like CA, Forecasters are predicting that could grow into billions of dollars. 

Well as cannabis becomes more mainstream, and socially acceptable I think you'll see more adults using it instead of alcohol as an alternative to help them relax.With increased research I believe marijuana has the ability to revolutionize modern medicine. And in 10 - 20 years I think you'll see cannabis based supplements, and vitamins on the shelves of stores and pharmacies. 

PHIL: So for consumers looking for a new and innovative ingredient, what are the options? 

ELISE: I really prefer savory recipes to sweet ones. And since the unique flavors of cannabis works well in sauces, gravies and dips, I like the pot pesto featured in the Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook because I think that showcases the herbaceous flavor instead of trying to hide it.