Cornell Certificate

The Lempert Report
December 16, 2022

Phil: And last, Cornell University has this Cornell Food Venture Center, this is designed to help entrepreneurs take their family recipes, their, their homemade eats into commercial food production. I think that this is great. And what they've now done is they've created the food product development certificate. Talk to us a bit about that. 

Sally: Yes, this is very exciting for people who are developing new food products, trying to get, get into the industry because there are a lot of things to learn beyond coming up with an idea or coming up with a product. And so what this certificate is, it's an online course and we already know Cornell has great credibility when it comes to their programs that revolve around the food business and their research. So what, what you can learn if you sign up for this online course that takes about 35 hours, I think is is what it said. But what you can learn is you can learn about, you can learn about costs, you can learn about safety, you can learn about scaling, you can learn about all of these things that you know that, that you won't learn just coming up with an idea for a product, but that you need in order to successfully get your product out there. 

Phil: And also, you know, with, with our new product reviews, we see these legend companies all the time that if they had, you know, someone like Cornell holding their hand, they would probably do a lot better. So kudos for Cornell for coming up with this certificate.