Covid Wine

The Lempert Report
February 23, 2022

Phil: So it looks like I shouldn't be drinking red wine. 

Sally: Well, the world heart Federation says that no amount of alcohol is good for you. And I think what we're looking at here is that, like the message about alcohol maybe should be more like it is something that you enjoy in moderation, but it isn't really good for you. Even when we see headlines like this one that was all over the place. This study saying that one to four glasses of red wine a week could reduce your, your risk of getting COVID. I think it's really important to take a look at the flaws observational studies like this and that they don't actually paint a complete picture. 

Phil: Yeah. And, and they talk about white wine. They talk about alcohol and so on, but the bottom line is this one sentence, an increased risk of COVID 19 comes with the greater number of alcohol consumption, whether it's beer, whether or cider even, spirits, white wine, red wine. So if you wanna be smart and reduce your risk of COVID 19, don't drink.