Environmental Savings

The Lempert Report
April 29, 2022

Phil: Talking about saving money what we find there's a company called Quench. They've been predicting food and beverage trends for more than a decade. And what they find is here are the trends for this year for 2022 saving the environment, saving money, upcycled diets, regenerative agriculture flex at 10 kids beyond carbon neutral Franken meat, adaptive mushrooms, adaptogenic mushroom, sorry, and buzz-free spirits. So which of these trends do you think are probably the most important that we should be paying attention to? 

Sally: Well, I think the flexitarian can kids is a really important one because, you know, we, we know that we have a health crisis with diet in this country. And this report shows that 67% of households are using more fruits and vegetables in snacks in their children's diets. And that is something I think, that we should pay close attention to and continue you to encourage while people are showing interest in that. 

Phil: Yeah. And the report also goes on to say 60% of kids based households are adding plant based options and more than 80% are offering those options to their kids. So, so clearly something that's really important. Adaptogenic mushrooms, I think is also something that we should be watching. It currently generates 8 billion in sales and expected to grow to 19 billion by 2030 mushrooms are hot, there's 2000 different varieties of mushrooms, but only 15 are actually recognized for functional benefits.