Fake cutouts, Real results

The Lempert Report
March 28, 2014

A recent study out of the UK took a unique approach to testing shoppers

Over a 15-week period one supermarket placed life size cutouts of real doctors and nurses along with health campaign messages throughout the store.

The response? The cutouts and the health messages succeeded in getting customers to make healthier choices. Customers bought more fresh fruit, smoked fish and canned fruit during the trial at a Morrisons’ store in Salford, Manchester.  The study by the National Obesity Forum found that over a 15-week period, volume sales of fresh fruit in the store were 20 per cent higher and in control stores, while frozen fruit sales were up by 29 per cent.

The study's author hopes that if the scheme was rolled out across supermarkets nationwide, it could improve the health of the two thirds of the population who are not currently eating five portions of fruit and veg daily.

This trial can serve as a good example for other retailers. Customers responded to the messages and were inspired enough to make some healthier choices.  Supermarkets should look to lead the way and guide their customers when it comes to health and wellness. If supermarkets don't merchandize properly, they don't create an environment that empowers people to eat healthier. The idea of doctors and nurses in the store with message that guide healthy decision making, gave shoppers the tools to make smart choices.