Fast Food for Millennials by Millennials

The Lempert Report
June 10, 2016

The fast food chain Freshii is focused on a millennial team serving millennials.

The fast food chain you’ve never visitedIs called Freshii and is now in 85 cities and 15 countries with 200 stores. It was started 11 years ago and is finally coming of age with it’s healthy fast food profile. Serving entrees, burritos, smoothies, fresh-pressed juices, and salads. 

Matthew Corrin, the founder of the chain, credits the growth of Freshii primarily to its millennial focus. Corrin himself and two-thirds of Freshii franchisees are in the millennial age range, he says, “We are a millennial management team with millennial franchisees serving millennial guests — no other concept is so centered on millennials.”   

Two examples, the company was built with a “Triple Bottom Line” outlook on its performance — meaning, it measures its success not only on financial results, but also on environmental and social impact.  It works with the non-profit WE on its “Free The Children” program to build school kitchens and school gardens in developing countries.  Millennials want o support businesses that care about the community and environment. 

Freshii is among a growing list of quick-serve restaurant chains — including Sweetgreen, Taylor Gourmet, and Luke’s Lobster — that are founded and run by millennials.  They are shaking up the industry by appealing to millennials in ways that older, established brands simply can’t and frankly don’t understand. Maybe its time for supermarkets to be run by millennials?