Fast Food Locations & YOUR Health

The Lempert Report
December 07, 2023

There's a new study from USC, their Information Science Institute, and they set out to ascertain whether smartphone mobility, basically them tracking your smartphone where you're going, could provide a way to measure people's dynamic food environments at scale. What they're seeing is a connection between how many fast food restaurants there are to you as you're going through your car with your mobile device.  What they also point out, which I think is really important, in the last decade or so, they say over $1 billion has been invested in public health interventions in home food environments. This could mean building a grocery store in a food desert. It could be limited access to nutrition or stocking in the corner stores in that neighborhood with fresh food and vegetables, but they go on to say that there's been no measurable impact in increasing people's healthy food purchases or health outcomes for that billion dollars. 

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