The Lempert Report
February 02, 2022

Phil: You and I have talked about BPA a lot over, over the past, uh, couple decades. Uh what's what's going on with BPA and the FDA these days.

Sally: Well before we get into it, this became a really important issue for me when I had babies and, because of baby bottles, having BPA in them and also the harmful effects we've heard  about these chemicals are on the immune system and reproductive health of humans. And so that's when it became an issue for me. The Environmental Defense Fund has now filed a formal petition to the FDA, basically demanding, you've gotta do something, you've got to pay attention to these studies that are coming out and showing us that we are way above the level of exposure that we should be as consumers.

Phil: And it's about 5,000 times the level of exposure. The problem has been that this has been brought to the FDA, any number of times over the past, you know, few years, and for whatever reason, they just don't get into it. So do you think that this time's the charm?

Sally: I'm not sure. Some steps in other countries have been taken, many other countries, in fact, particularly with products that are for babies and, and children. So I guess we'll see, but, hopefully they will pay attention.

Phil: Yeah. We can only hope in this latest study that comes out of England. Really you know, it's probably the best study so far, and hopefully we can get FDA to pay attention to that.