Food ALT Future

The Lempert Report
April 21, 2022

Next report that we've got is from IPES,matter of fact of you that might not be familiar with it. IPES is the international panel of experts on sustainable food systems. This comes outta Food Dive. Megan Poinsky did a great report and a great analysis of what this report has to say. And top line is the chain are necessary to ensure the future of our planet and humanity, and most important that a narrow focus on alternative protein misses the big picture, all the headlines keep on talking about alternative proteins, whether it's cellular agriculture, whether it's plant protein, but we've gotta really look at what's better for the environment and what consumers will actually adopt to, which is why we have scheduled our Protein and Plant Evolution conference. 

Our symposium, make sure you sign up for it. Now we already have over 500 registrations and is gonna be the first time that we have both animal plant and cell protein people all in the same place, even though it's just virtually, um, expect, um, oh, I guess like Jerry Springer of protein, uh, to happen for us. And, um, also what this report points out is that it's really important to understand what does the most goods, whether it's increasing biodiversity access to better nutrition and not necessarily cutting greenhouse gas emissions, which something that we've really started to see a lot, um, in the headlines and their theme is that there are many definitions of the term sustainable. And while it most often means better for the environment, it's not limited to just that. And it's really the nuances, um, that make the food system better and can prove the food system that we really need to look at. 

And according to this report, it's getting a bit lost and that we need to move beyond misleading claims. So whether or not you want to say that alternative proteins or traditional animal agriculture is the winner, this report challenges that neither are actually the winners. And we have to look at both equally.