FoodTank and the Next Generation of Food Advocates

The Lempert Report
January 24, 2022

Today on The Lempert Report we turn to FoodTank – the think tank for food and share what they believe will be some of the most important issues to guide the food system through this year. Lana Weid-genant, Deputy Partnerships Director at Zero Hour answered Food Tank’s question - What does the next generation of food advocates need from those in power today? This way - “We as young people—we’re powerful, we can take action, we’re making these innovations… but we need the support of the decision makers in, for instance, government and business. In my experience as a youth advocate and actionist, I’ve seen so many times that the example of ‘What young people are doing!’ can be used to excuse less action from those who are in power who have the most ability to take the actions we know we need for food systems, for the planet, for climate action. Because [they] can feel more relaxed knowing that the next generation has taken it forward for [them]. But we need that support in line with what we are doing — that is a critical component for me.” Frances Moore Lappe, author of Diet for a Small Planet offered insight about building coalitions this way: “Courage is the key to this [change]. But it’s very hard to do things alone that are courageous. So find the one, or two, or three, or a crowd of people…and together take action, because I do think that courage is contagious.” For more check out