From a Baguette Shortage in France to Kids Facing food Pressure in America

The Lempert Report
September 09, 2015

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The Baguette Shortage
It was a sad summer for Baguette fans in France! For the first time in centuries, almost all Parisian bakeries closed for the summer. Just last year the French government waived a law from the 1790s ruling that  bakers must notify authorities in advance before taking vacations, in order to ensure that the city has enough fresh baguettes. But now, as a result, bakers have closed up shop for summer vacations!  And the city is left suffering the consequences.  Once customer, Aude Debout told the Financial Times.“I find myself buying more sliced bread from the supermarket, and that’s not even really bread.”

Kids Facing ‘Food Pressure
New research published in the journal Pediatrics found that parents of overweight kids are more likely to restrict their children's food intake. On the opposite side, parents in better shape are more likely to pressure their kids to eat more. Researchers looked at results from two 2010 studies of kids' eating habits. Over 2000 teens and 3000 parents, were questioned. Study author Jerica Berge, from the University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis told these findings can help health care providers look at parents and their kids together and figure out who, based on their weights, may be at highest risk for poor eating habits.