From Photosynthetic Furniture to the Latest Restrictions on Trans-Fat…

The Lempert Report
June 24, 2015

Check out some of this week’s top stories in the food world!

Grow Your Dinner with Photosynthetic Furniture
Talk about furniture of the future! Check out this new line of photosynthetic furniture! Made from custom glass bioreactors and filled with spirulina (a tiny, edible bacteria) these cool looking designs use waste, heat, light, and carbon dioxide from a home to feed the spirulina inside. When you're hungry empty out the green sludge, and eat it! For now, the prototypes, are on display at Pittsburgh art museum, the Mattress Factory.
Check out this Diet Plate! 
Often people overeat because they don't know portion sizes. Well, now there's a plate to help you! 
Last year, Dutch designer Annet Bruil came up with a plate that graphically illustrates a balanced meal. After more research was done on the actual effectiveness of the plate, she's now ready for market!  Check her out on indiegogo, and for every 10 plates sold she'll donate one to a school to help teach kids the basics of healthy eating. 
FDA Restricts Trans Fat
The FDA has finally declared artificial trans fats a threat to public health. Food companies now have until June 2018 to phase out partially hydrogenated oils, the primary source of trans-fats in processed foods. So what's the deal with trans-fat? Originally considered an alternative to saturated fat, it became big in the1940s and was used for things like adding a buttery flakiness to biscuits as well as anything from coffee creamers to frozen pizzas.  In 2006, companies were required to include trans-fats on dietary labels and while consumption in the US has now dropped, here are 6 products that still have an unhealthy amount:
?Canned frosting
?Savory snacks (including crackers and microwave popcorn)
?Packaged pie
?Frozen pizza
?Coffee creamer