Frontline Foods in Maine to the Rescue

The Lempert Report
June 12, 2020

A story to make you grateful.

According to a report in News Center Maine, the Maine chapter of a nonprofit called Frontline Foods has begun raising money through donations to buy food from local restaurants including Chaval, Evo, Duckfat, Foreside Tavern, Knotted Apron, Piccolo, and Luke's Lobster and then delivering it to frontline healthcare workers.

Co-Founder Christopher Curran told the publication they have delivered over 300 meals so far with another 150 planned each week.  

"Not only do we get to provide food to people working 12, 14-hour shifts all the time, but we get to allow a restaurant not only to keep their lights on but hire back one more employee. There's such a ripple effect of that. That's an internet bill paid. That's a phone bill paid," said Curran.

For anyone who would like to donate to the Frontline Food cause, donations can be made on