Gen Z's Favorite Foods

The Lempert Report
June 21, 2023

Let's talk about Generation Z and Millennials. They don't seem to like Italian food as much as, you know, our generations did.

Sally: Yes, it seems that for the first time in many, many years, the top choice for ethnic food now is Mexican. When it comes to our Millennials and our Gen Z, and even with our Gen Z crowd fill, italian has moved to third place below Mexican and Asian food.

Phil: Well, and I think one of the reasons and you know it's stated in this report from VOA News is that now you know, there's 23% population growth in the Latino population. So I mean part of it is heritage for that as well. But I don't want any Italian restaurants to close just yet. You know we got to keep them open. But what's interesting also about this report is that pizza, which was, you know, one of the favorites pizza, lasagna and so on, they've been declining on menus over the last ten years And we're seeing more tacos and and Ramen and other you know Asian inspired dishes growing on these menus. And to be honest with you, I think you know what came first the chicken or the egg. If, in fact, we take it off the menus and there's not the availability, of course they're not going to be as favorite as tacos are. So interesting to watch to see how those demographics are going to change. What are foods you know being sold, whether it be in a grocery store or in a food service operation?