Here's How Retailers Give Thanks

The Lempert Report
November 22, 2022

Phil: So Sally, what are retailers doing to help their shoppers this year? 

Sally: Phil, we've seen so many great things that supermarkets are doing to get involved to help, feed everyone in America. We know this is a tough time of year for a lot of people. So, you know, I've looked at a, at at several of them, but here's a few that I really loved that are happening. Kroger is doing a zero compromise shopping guide that offers meal options for all of your traditional dishes. You can feed, if you use this guide, you're supposed to be able to feed up to 10 people for as little as $5 a person. They're also not going to be raising the cost of Turkey this year with inflation. And that's something we're seeing with a lot of retailers. Meyer is doing something really cool. They are in an effort to promote their store brand. They will be providing a meal to someone in need for every purchase of one of their store brands. So that's another great way. Walmart is saying that they're not gonna raise the price of Turkey. In fact, they're gonna sell Turkey for the same thing that they sold it for last year. Now, what's really cool though is that Aldi is saying that they're not going to raise prices since 2019. So they're going to be selling their Thanksgiving items, select items at 2019 prices. So there's a lot of different offers out there. 

Phil: There is, and you know, I think with Walmart and Aldi in particular, having their price of Turkey around a dollar a pound. Now all these other retailers, as you pointing out, we're gonna see Turkey wars. So before everybody goes out and buys their Turkey, I think a lot of people have already, but check those circulars because the bottom line is there are gonna be deals. And also, let's not forget Friday after Thanksgiving, Turkey prices typically go down anyway, so it might be a good time to stock up, clean out the freezer, and that way you can have a Turkey.