Kroger Digital

The Lempert Report
June 09, 2022

Phil: I love what Kroger's doing with their new digital farmer's market. They've partnered with Market Wagon that now it's just a test and it's just in Atlanta, but what they're bringing is they're bringing over 1,100 local food products to shoppers in this farmer's market. I think it's really smart. You can either get it delivered on Tuesday or Friday, not every day. But you know, just by bringing all these local products to the people in Atlanta, I think this is phenomenal. I'm really pointing to Kroger as leading so much in technology. You know, we spoke with, Wesley Rhodes from Kroger last week on our metaverse webcast and I really think that we're gonna see a lot of new technologies coming out of Kroger. 

Sally: Yes, I love what they're doing here and I really wish they had this available for us in Nashville. Maybe they will because you know, we're Kroger shoppers here, but yes, I mean, you can order these products within a 60 mile radius of Atlanta and these are products that are not in the Kroger stores. You can only get them in this digital farmer's market format. And they're just really helping out a lot of local farmers and local food makers, getting their products out there. It's s a part of being sustainably conscious as well, I believe. And I love how they say that they're transforming the farm to table concept into a farm to front door reality. 

Phil: Yeah. It's, it's great. It's something that we're gonna watch very carefully.