Kroger Sued

The Lempert Report
March 16, 2022

Phil: And besides the potential strike here in Southern California, Ralphs, which is a Kroger Kroger has another problem on their hands. What's that about? 

Sally: Yes, I'm really sorry to hear this because you know, Phil, that I am a Kroger shopper. Yeah, you know, a few times a week I met the Kroger or ordering from them and I am a big purchaser of their organic, their private brand brand organic, the simple truth brand.But apparently the ecological Alliance organization has now fought, filed a lawsuit against Kroger because a number of their private label products are, are testing with very high lead levels. And when we say very high lead levels, the daily maximum exposure level is just 0.5 micrograms. Now, a spinach with bacon salad kit for one, they found had 70.1 micrograms of lead 

Phil: 150 times what, what the limit should be. And also, you know, when you take a look, not only in that Salad kit, but their sweet peas and carrots contain 33.1 micrograms gram crackers contain 11.2 micrograms cinnamon raisin bagles, 6.82 micrograms. And I'll, I'll tell you something I'm really surprised because so many of the retail environments that are out there all the ShopRite, I mean, they've got a lot of laboratory tests going on for their private labels. So how this could sneak through at Kroger, I think some heads are, are gonna roll there.