The Lempert Report
September 22, 2022

Phil: So a new study's come out of the UK. It's all about tea. We know that tea is good for us. We know that more tea is sold across the globe than coffee is. And what I like about this study, they followed a half a million adults for up to 14 years. So, you know, when we look at studies like this, there are really some great learnings. There's a lot of people that are looking at this survey and saying, there's not enough evidence to advise changing tea habits, but half a million adults, 14 years, there's gotta be something to that. And Sally, what did they find?

Sally: Well, they found that this was really linked to deaths related to heart disease. And there's not really a trend that they can follow when it comes to cancer. But that's very important because heart disease is such a killer for Americans. I know. I wonder also if a lot of people drink tea in the UK and what that number is compared to Americans. You know, Americans seem to drink more coffee than they do tea. And the question in there is, is your typical American tea drinker, do they have a healthier diet profile already? So there are some variables in this study, but showing us a 9 to 13% lower risk of death if you are drinking tea.

Phil: And it's black tea, it's not herbal tea. So, you know, let's remember if these stats are important to you as a retailer to promote it, or as a consumer to drink tea, it's not about herbal tea. It's about the plain old black tea that we see on the shelves.