Lowes Food

The Lempert Report
February 24, 2022

Phil: Lowes food is opening up a new concept store. What I, what I really like about this story is it has all day entertainment. Now store from Lowe's is only 25,000 square foot, about half of what their stores normally are. So they have a second floor mezzanine where you could book events like birthday parties, book clubs, celebrations, group meetings. They also are gonna be having events like floral arranging trivia nights, board game tournaments, and beer and wine tasting. 

Phil: So if you're in Huntersville, North Carolina, check out the store, it opened February 18th. So check it out. We'd love to get some pictures. We'd love to get your response if you're going there. Well what Tim Lowe said. Who is the president? An interesting quote. We call this the Swiss army knife of grocery stores. We will have a tool for you for what you need to do. They've got a beer den, the low smokehouse bread crumb, which is a bakery Sammy's which sandwich or pizza Cakery, where people can watch the assembling of icing on square cakes. I don't get the square cake thing. Why it can't be a round cake, but Hey, square cake, the chicken kitchen and the divine cut. So Tim Lowe good for you. Can't wait to see the store.