Machine Learning Jobs

The Lempert Report
June 28, 2022

Here's something exciting for those wanting to get into the food tech space, the proportion of food manufacturers hiring for machine learning relating positions rose in may year on year. Data shows from Global Data monitors companies in their job postings. They found that 20.9% are recruiting for at least one job that focuses on researching building and designing self-running artificial intelligence systems to automate predictive models. The latest figure was higher than the 11.1% of food manufacturers hiring for machine learning related jobs a year ago, and an increase compared to the figure of 18.4% in April. So this is one of the topics that Global Data, which is Just Food's parent company has identified to be a pretty important disrupted force facing business in the coming years. So companies that excel and invest in these areas now are thought to be better prepared for future businesses. The AI college credential is coveted in the contemporary marketplace and the job market supply does not come close to matching demand resulting in six figure salaries for skilled young people. Now, I looked up some of those colleges that have really great AI programs and it's Cal tech and Carnegie Mellon, Cornell. But these programs are popping up in all kinds of colleges across the country.