Mexico Inflation Pact

The Lempert Report
October 21, 2022

Phil: Talk about subsidizing, you know, Mexico has decided to exempt some food makers and retailers from quality checks from national health regulators as part of an anti inflation plan to keep costs down. This scares the hell outta me.

Phil: It really does. You know what, what we find is the government is now saying and putting the onus on whether it be retailers or food companies to do their own food safety inspections. And as we've seen that happen before, even here in the us, typically it fails. And you know it really makes me very nervous to, to see, you know, foods that are, you know, know, not being inspected properly or that the company has total control. And also, a lot of people are very concerned that this deal could violate a trade deal with the US and Canada and may also allow crop and animal diseases to be brought in. What Mexico's president is saying is, it's all about inflation. We gotta keep prices down, and that's their plan.

Sally: Yes, it is, it is a bold policy. And while I'm all for 'let's keep these food costs down for consumers as much as we possibly can', we cannot do it at the by sacrificing the safety of our consumers and our farms and our food supply. So, you know, we, we have learned that we need to be more, we need to be more vigilant about protecting our food supply and protecting people from diseases coming in. And this seems like kind of a reckless policy.

Phil: Yeah, absolutely. I think it's very reckless.