Our Farmers Are Fixing Food

The Lempert Report
November 24, 2022

Phil: So, some good news. Beth Ford, who's the president and CEO of Land of Lakes just had a chat, a fireside chat at the 2022 Henry Gardner Global Food Systems at Kansas State University. And what's the good news that she shared? 

Sally: Well, I love what she has to say here. She's really saying a lot of great things for the agricultural community, which she is trying to bring more into the light, it shine a light on the agricultural community and to inform people more about what it is like to be a farmer and, and how hard it is for some of these farmers. In fact, one of the things I learned from reading about this is that only 1% of the world is even really informed about the agricultural world and what farming entails. So she is, she is making an effort through this American Connection Project, through Land O'Lakes to bridge the digital divide between rural areas and to also help these companies and organizations improve upon three key areas, which I love what she's talking about here. 

Sally: She's talking about how we need to invest more in agricultural research from the federal government level. She's talking about immigration reform. We are 2.5 million workers short right now, as far as harvesting plants. And I think the Central Valley in California lost a third of their crops this past season because they just didn't have enough labor. And then she's also talking about the other challenge of water in American agriculture and making sure that, you know, we are putting money into reservoirs, piping and, you know, and taking care of our water. 

Phil: You know, the other thing that she said, which I found interesting, is that China outstrips us five to one of funding for agriculture research. Yes. That to me is shocking. I just, I just don't get it.