Pizza Hut's Pickled Pizza

The Lempert Report
June 13, 2023

On today’s Bullseye – I happen to love pizza, but I’m a bit of a purist. Mozzarella, maybe mushrooms, onions, ground beef or pepperoni and that’s about it. So, when I read the announcement that Pizza Hut last Wednesday launched their Pickle Pizza. Yes, you heard me correctly. Pizza Hut’s new Pickle Pizza consists of a hand-tossed crust and instead of tomato sauce they are using a Buttermilk Ranch base topped with cheese, crispy breaded chicken breast seasoned with Nashville Hot Seasoning, slices of white onion and spicy dill pickles.

Penny Shaheen, Pizza Hut’s head of food innovation said in a press release, “We’re always looking for innovative ways to add new tastes and textures to our dishes, and pickles have been gaining popularity due to their versatility. Our recipe is all about great flavor, balancing the tanginess of pickles with other classic ingredients we know taste good on our beloved pizza” she says. So here’s the good news: it is only available for a limited time, thank goodness, at the New York City Pizza Hut at 932 8th Avenue and it costs $17.99. They would have to pay me a lot more than that just to try it! Pizza Hut actually didn’t invent the pickle pizza – in a Google Search I found the first mention of this unique delicacy (?) at Rhino’s Pizzeria in webster New York. Yes Pizza Hut you are generating some weird PR about your brand – so let’s leave it at that. In the meantime, maybe just focus on making great pizzas for the rest of us?