Sustainable Retailers

The Lempert Report
February 25, 2022

Phil: There was a new survey that came out that showed that 55% of adults. We would be more loyal to a grocer if they perceived that business to be green. What else did retail insight find? 

Sally: Well, one of the things that was really interesting to me is they found out that 6% believe that their supermarket sustainability programs are not driven out of a genuine desire to help the planet. That was one thing I thought that was really interesting. And then there was also some good data showing that seven and 10 out shoppers said, food, re retailers still sell goods with excessive or unnecessary packaging. I find this frustrating all of the time with things that I get from the grocery store. 

Phil: I know know, and, you know, sustainability has become such a buzzword and everybody has it in their annual report. Everybody has it in their, you know, mission statements. But that doesn't mean that we have the reality, the thing that I really liked about this study is that 49% of people said they'd pay a premium for good, that were green and more than half 52% would be happy for the price of their weekly shop to be higher, if it meant helping the environment. Now, who knows if that's true or not, when you actually go into the store, people in surveys are always saying that they'd pay more for everything than they actually would