Thanksgiving is over!

The Lempert Report
December 05, 2017

Are you ready for Christmas, Chanukah, New Year's and Super Bowl?

Supermarkets have a unique opportunity over these holiday months to really show their stuff to customers - both present and potential customers with showing off their foods. After all, if you can get someone to come in and buy your foods for some of the most important food events of the year - it is likely you can keep them as customers all year long.

One lesson learned from Thanksgiving was how Amazon Whole foods took advantage and lowered prices dramatically on those foods. Not only did customers save money, but in many cases they upped the quality of turkey to either organic or antibiotic free versions.

Another lesson learned came from Bon Appetit. The New York Post compared its coverage of the holiday meal to that of Food & Wine and declared the former the clear winner. The reason given is simple.

The editor knows what’s important about a food magazine. Show the damn food!” the report said.

“Full page, closely cropped photos of food is what we’re talking about. Food porn - there, we said it. The curves on those green beans, the cute dimples on those roasted tomatoes, the round firm yolks on those fried eggs - and don’t get us started about the beautifully bronzed skin on those (turkey) thighs.”

Bon Appétit, they point out, also did a better job with its November issue at helping folks plan for the big day, avoid family spats and enjoy the holiday once it arrives. It serves up a 19-point battle plan. An idea worth stealing for every supermarket to offer.