Tito's In A Can

The Lempert Report
August 09, 2022

On today’s Bullseye, a major shout out to Tito’s vodka for a brilliant PR and marketing stunt. Hey, we’re talking about it, right? They have introduced Tito’s in a can – it’s a 16 oz. reusable steel can that sells online for $20 with 2 stand outs. When you buy one, the entire proceeds go to your choice of a non-profit partner. Second is that the can is empty. That’s right – empty. Watch this 30 second video. 

The brand is making fun of the hard seltzers and canned cocktail craze that we’ve reported on here before. Do I think there are a lot of us that are going to make our own canned cocktails in the Tito’s can, not really. But what I do think is that this promotion will highlight the fact that typically these seltzers and cocktails don’t use the spirits that their names allude to. Remember Bartel’s & James wine coolers that replaced the wine once they were a hit with malt? They never called it a beer cooler and dropped the alcohol level to 4%. And while they are still on the market – of course now in a can. You’d be hard pressed to find it. Let’s watch this category carefully to see just what its future really is.