TV Cooking Segments May Never Be The Same

The Lempert Report
November 20, 2017

Sesame Street’s favorite foodie, Cookie Monster, is getting his own cooking segment during the 30-minute PBS children’s show

Food & Wine reports that the beloved blue creature and his new friend, Gonger, will be operating a food truck together. In each segment, the pals receive a call from a child who wants to order a meal from their operation. But, while preparing the dish, the pair will have to hit the road in their truck to find a main ingredient. 

Through their travels, the team will explore places like a “cranberry bog, a pasta factories, an avocado farm,” the show said in a statement. At each of these locations, Cookie Monster and Gonger will learn how the ingredient is made by talking to a farmer or an artisan before being sent “home to get cooking.”

The goal is to help kids learn more about how food is made and through that knowledge, cultivate healthier eating habits. 

“The video field trips to farms and factories are reminiscent of classic Sesame Street, and Cookie Monster—an enduring favorite with fans of all ages—is the original food fanatic,” said Brown Johnson, EVP and Creative Director, Sesame Workshop. “Who better to teach kids how food gets to their plates, putting a Sesame spin on the food truck culture that’s unfolding in communities across the country?” 

Teaching kids where our food comes from will be the most powerful tool in changing the way we eat.