Walmart+ Cost Cutting

The Lempert Report
September 06, 2023

Walmart has announced that it's cutting the price of Walmart+ for households that receive food stamps or other government aid. This actually follows suit with what Amazon Prime did a couple of years ago and the Walmart cut is significant. It's half. Now you pay $49 a year instead of $98 a year, and it comes at a time where this is really important. 41 million people in the US are on some kind of food stamp program through SNAP, and the Walmart+ program is very beneficial because you get free shipping, fuel discounts, access to Paramount Plus streaming service, unlimited deliveries of online order $35 or more. Morgan Stanley says the Walmart Plus has 21.5 million members, although Walmart has not released that number. So what do you think? Is this going to really help Walmart Plus? They have 21 million. If you look at Amazon Prime, they've got 117 million people on that program, so is this a plus for Walmart?

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