Walmart+ Update

The Lempert Report
June 15, 2022

Phil: First up, Sally, what I wanted to do is follow up on our conversation from last week about Walmart+ and numerator just sent out the Walmart+ weekend early results. It's showing low awareness, just what you were talking about last week and basically this was Walmart's first members only sale. It was held June 2nd to June 5th. They compared it to Amazon prime sales. And what they found is most people thought that the deals on Walmart were better. However, that Walmart lags and awareness as compared to prime day, only 33% of Walmart+ weekend shoppers were even aware of the event before shopping that's compared to 94% of Amazon prime day shoppers who know about their event beforehand. So it looks like Walmart has a communication problem, not necessarily, you know, a sales problem. 

Sally: Right. And I, I'm not surprised to hear that because I think, you know, we talked about last week, the program has been happening since September of 2020. And I have a Walmart just six miles down the road from me, and I've never heard of this program. So I find they really need to up their game as far as informing consumers. 

Phil: Yeah. And, you know, everything is in the right direction, but get the word out there Walmart.